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We are a mix of strategists, creative directors, designers, writers, media strategists, digital marketers, developers and relationship builders. We’re committed to creating vibrant and relevant brand experiences on every level.

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Top Services


We dream and deliver human-shaped experiences at the intersection of strategy , design & technology

Data Analytics

Delivering on the vision of a data-driven, intelligent enterprise.


We help companies leverage the potential from digital technologies like AI, automation, and Cloud.

Big Data

Our views Big Data as a catalyst for business transformation and enables this through our industry-focussed themes namely Business Insights, Future-ready Enterprises, Hyper-Automation and Next-Gen Products.

Cybersecurity and Risk Services

Take an integrated approach to cybersecurity – prevent intrusion, minimize risk, control loss, and stay resilient.

How Things Work Here

Our Design Process









Product Lifecycle Management

Increasing disruption in product ideation, design and delivery coupled with emerging concepts like Smart Manufacturing and Digital twin.

Digital Operations and Platforms

Creating digital dominance—Leveraging best of technology and expertise to manage your business operations.

Product Engineering Services

Our Product Engineering Service (PES) facilitates revolutionary product and engineering transformation across industries.

Open Innovation

Our Innovation approach is designed to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities to create value for our client’s businesses.


Aerospace and Defence,Communications,Medical Devices,Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences ,Natural Resources...

Securities & Capital Markets

Pursue digital transformation along with simplification and automation to efficiently run IT and operations across front to back processes.